Eureka - New 'Property Buying' Idea



From: Annie Morison

An idea to throw at you all....Eureka (I've just had a thought and a drink...)

Every time I go looking at open inspections, a heard of people follow! They must be in the same buying range because they keep following me around everywhere I go!


A bus tour, catered for each buyers range, ie. $200 - $250K, $300 - $350K, etc. Could look at sponsorship or subsidy from the Agents as it is in their interest to get buyers at the property. Provide wine and cheese... Wine merchants can offer free wine tastings, cheese merchants can offer free cheese tastings, we could have brokers on the bus offering home loans, a busker offering entertainment, the possibilities are endless!!!!

Then... depending on those who buy, the tour can turn into a celebration tour!! Drop you off and pick you up from your entertaining destination!

2-3 x bus
2-3 x bus driver
2-3 x server of cheese and wine
2-3 x broker
2-3 x entertainer
1 x slogan

Could be a good thing. Any one own or drive a bus?

Or, it must be getting late and time to go home...

Just a thought, probably good for a Friday night laff!

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From: Paul Zagoridis

This is not a silly idea. Trademark and patent something quick. Then contact The_Wife for marketing consultancy and JV. This will be big, BIG!

Oz Film Biz is at
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From: Michael G


My father is a government bus driver and is licensed to drive everything up to articulated buses (yes the bendy buses).

He does shift work, and I'm sure wouldn't object to;

1) being paid a little extra
2) getting to know possible deals from you guys.

Michael G
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From: Nigel Kibel


Great idea, so good in fact that we already do this!

As part of our three day Advanced Property Investment Strategies training course, we take all our students on a property bus trip.

During this all day outing we visit areas and properties explaining why specific properties really work as an investment and why others don't. We arrange inspections of properties in different price ranges, and we also attend an auction. The auctioneer loves it when he sees a bus pull up and 50 people get off!

Importantly, we also take them to properties that are available for purchase, but only those that we consider sound investments, and can be purchased from the vendors below true market value.

Our students think this is a fantastic way to learn first hand in the real world why some properties perform so much better than others. We don't at this stage include the wine and cheese or buskers, but lunch is provided.

Great idea Annie.....sorry we are already doing it!

Nigel Kibel
The Investment Institute
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From: The Wife

Dont be frightened of competition Nigel,

competition is healthy,

fabulous idea Annie, dont let Nigels " Its already being done!" , put you off.

women usually do it better anyway! :eek:)

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: Peter Martin

For those in Melbourne, Richard and Monique Wakelin also run bus trips as part of their workshops. I've been on one and it was very useful.

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From: Annie Morison

Wow, thanks to all of you for your wonderful positive responses.

You have made me feel that the Friday night drink idea could be worthwhile. Glad to hear also that some of you are doing this already and doing it well. That's great.

Now, in my "sober" state, I'd have to try and work out how to go about it - aahhh!!!

But with all our efforts you just never know. But of course, it is always "first in, best dressed" so who ever can make it happen will benefit the most. It's now out there for the taking!

Thanks again to you.
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