Evidence of title (C/T) ?

Settling our IP on Monday. Its been about 30 years since I had any Real Estate dealings.
After settlement and the Bank has registered the Transfer & Mortgage Would we in the normal course of events get a Paper evidencing Title (incl. Mtge) from someone ? (I have asked the Bank can they send a photocopy in due course but am unsure if this would/will happen anyway).
It would be nice to have something we can keep in our file, surely I wouldn't have to do a title search on our own records.

When we buy shares we get an update from the Company,when we put money on deposit we get a certificate, is Real Estate different (and if so why !) ?

Appreciating advice as to what should normally happen now.

I've always got a photocopy of the title somewhere in the paperwork, not sure if the conveyancer or bank gives it to you.

My first house had a handwritten title with the names of all the people (mostly women, which explained the layers of floral wallpaper) who had owned it on there, with changes of name when they got married. Now it is a really boring computer printout with no background info.
yes, I remember the old C/T's well. Could trace the history of a property back ages on those rather large sheets of paper.
Thanks RumpledElf guess I will wait and see.. but I don't fancy in a months time, going to the Bank to get them to do a copy for us (after it has been filed away in their system somewhere !).
Ask your conveyancer (or solicitor since you're not SA) to give you a copy then, so they don't forget :) I'd trust a conveyancer to actually listen to communication more than a bank ...