Excel help needed

Any Excel Gurus out there?
This one has me stumped for the last week or so, but I dont really know what I am doing, just using the trail and error method.

I am trying to make a spreadsheet that will make different calculations depending on the value of a cell.

For instance:-

If A1 is blank then A2 would be blank
If A1 <50 then A2 would be 40
If A1 is between 50 and 150 then A2 would be 50
If A1 is over 150 then A2 would be 60

So far I can only seem to make 3 out of the 4 calculations work using the IF statement. There has to be an easy solution for someone who knows their way around a spreadsheet.
Hi Phil, Here is the spreadsheet. I, however, made your 1st if condition as if A1 is Zero the A2 is Zero so they are all numeric. Hope it helps.

Cheers, Tracey


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