Excel Help Please

S'OK I worked it out. This can be deleted.


After having a HD crash last year and losing my 'stuff' I make all sorts of backups of everything now. Apart from backing up stuff I've downloaded, one of the things I've made is a spreadsheet of all the extra programmes I have installed.

The spreadsheet is 3 columns - Programme, Use and URL to D/L from.

I was madly typing aware when I looked up and realised that the URL's hadn't automatically become hyperlinks. They only become a hyperlink if I hit the Enter key at the end of the URL address.

I highlighted them all and right clicked - Hyperlink, but can't seem to find a way to convert them all in one go. I don't want to go through them individually to change them - is there a quick way of doing it?

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Go into the first cell. Change nothing. Hit Enter to the next cell then Enter to the end. Not a one click but as fast as typing this.

I actually archive everything on Gmail which is a fairly safe backup option. Easy for access away from home too and if you have a netbook or good net phone you can do simple views and edits on the road.
so what was the answer to your problem?

Still not quite sure how it worked actually. :eek: But I highlighted the column and hit F2. I had some blank lines in the column and the others I'd already done the individual change to so I didn't see a difference straight away of course, but from then on when I typed in a blank line it made a hyperlink as I typed.

Funny thing is if I start a new worksheet even after closing down Excel and starting the programme again it automatically makes hyperlinks whether I hit enter at the end, move to the column on the right with the arrow button or use the mouse to click elsewhere. I don't know why it 'played up' on the list I was originally making as I know Excel has always automatically made hyperlinks of URL's as I've typed in the past.