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From: John Fewster

Can anyone supply me with a working example of the I.R.R. formula? The spreadsheet that i'm putting together just needs this to finish it off.
Also,when my wife left work to have our first baby,(P.P.o R paid for but 3 I.P's) I absolutely panicked as I thought we could never afford to do it on one wage. We were D.I.N.K.'s for 20 years. (Tried to have a baby for 10 years and had basically given up.)
Was forced to do a complete re-structure of all our finances.This included rationalizing bank accounts and re-financing and factoring in all foreseeable expenses per annum. Fortunately came across a spreadsheet on this forum about 1 1/2 years ago (thanks Peter N)which I used to learn excel. It taught me a lot about using the formulas, which, as a mechanical type person, I had no experience with. Anyway, to cut a long story short,managed to cut a lot of fat (most of which i didnt know was there)and come up with a balanced budget that, one year down the track, is still balanced and which means my wife can stay off work indefinitely AND didnt have to sell any I.P.'s. (which is good because most of the capital gains have come in the last year).I believe I couldn't have done this without excel.The cash flows were too hard to get my small head around. Anyone else feel this way?
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From: Andrew S

Hi John,

Excel has built-in IRR and modified IRR (MIRR) functions. Select the function button (Fx) and then select 'Financial' You will see them in the list. I have never used these, but the help screens look pretty good in terms of example usage. I have Office 97, but I suspect these are in earlier version as well.

Mr Jolly
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From: Duncan M

>I believe I
>couldn't have done this
>without excel.The cash flows
>were too hard to get my small
>head around. Anyone else feel
>this way?

Excel rocks! I just love playing "what if?" analysis games with our money, property, expenses etc.. I rarely make even a semi-important financial decision without working up a scenario in Excel first.

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