Excel Question


I have the following data in a particular cell


I need to have the resulting figure rounded down to the nearest $250.

As much as I try, I can't seem to make it work.:confused: Have searched on-line, noticed the FLOOR function, but am more confused than ever..if that's possible.:eek:

Would appreciate any help with the correct formula.

Try this
(assuming the number you want rounded down is in cell A1)

=FLOOR(A1/250,1)*250. Works with positive numbers only, though.
Hi, auror,

I have used a totally separate cell with the formula..


which works, but am trying to group it all in the one cell, the one single formula, rather than using another cell and cross-referenced to the original formula....does this make sense?:eek:


format the cell to display as currency is easier than trying to format the math