Exit Strategies / Other perspectives

I've said before that this forum has some wonderful ideas and research so I thought some of the lovely people may have good suggestions for ways for me to think on this:

I have PPOR (latest val = 600k+) and just purchased IP (PP= 320k). Total loans outstanding on both = 540k. (about $300 a week from my wages to service after rents etc) No other debts. LVR 60% approx. Annual income 65k paye. Rent on IP 300 pw. Super 500 per month drawdown paid to loans. About 20k bullion backstop if the world as we know it gets too dramatic - yes former paranoid hippie who lived through the 70's and 8o's GFC's and Oil crises and the 90's property stagnation lol - which makes me happy with conservative options - and able to live very cheaply when required)

Like many here I want to retire asap (current age 57 no dependents). At 65 I get a fixed super pension from the good old days of super plans. So I have to make it through the next 8 years or so before a ~60k pa pension starts.

I have in mind to sell PPOR soonish while things are rising and before next GFC, clear all debt, put balance of sale to drawdown pension, move to IP for about 12 months more of work, saving all the while, and then retire to the rose garden and hobby jobs (two that give me about 10-15k pa currently plus probably about 10k from draw down pension. Total spendable then would be about 25k pa I'd say)

Would some of the more experienced and thoughtful like to share their views and perspectives on my options. I'm really quite open to all options (selling all, some, none etc ) except the one where I'm a PAYE employee for another 8 years.

Many thanks in advance.