Expensive air conditioning quote

So I had a guy quote for a couple of split units in a house in Ivanhoe. A 7.1kw unit in the main room and a 2.5kw unit in the main bedroom.

Both units are Mitsubishi inverters - SRK71ZEA-S1 7.1 KW and SRK25ZGA-S 2.5 KW.

For the large unit he's quoted $3,366 and for the smaller unit $1,936. As these retail for about $1,700 and $800 each, that's an install cost of $1,666 and $1,136 each, or $2,802 in total.

Now the only difficulty might be that it's a double brick house, but it's all ground floor, with easy access to the external walls.

Seems like a massive rip off to me!
Spoke to a mate of mine who runs a daikin dealership in Brisbane.
"Sounds a bit rich"

his "List" price for that - including everything
Daikins 2650 & 1570
Mitsu's 2385 & 1350

too bad you're not in brisbane huh?
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For one unit it'll be about 1.5 metres and the other it'll be 2 metres.
That price is a bit high for a back to back install with the heat pumps that close,but the sparkie may have up-grade the elec's-or change the board ask for a break-down on the quote..imho..willair..
Had two Fujitsu splits installed recently...2.5hp each, $3k all up with $200 cash back on each one = $2600 supplied and fitted.