Extension/renos in Canberra

Hi all

We are considering adding a family room (30-50 sq metres) by extending our house in Canberra. Its brick veneer, single storey.

This will be a big undertaking.

Is there anyone who has done this successfully who could advise on rough price range, timeframe and builder recommendations?

Did you use an architect for this work?


ps. we are also planning to renovate beforehand, or at the same time, our main bathroom and ensuite. Can any recommend a Canberra builder for this work?
If you get no luck with Craig, I have a builder I use for flooring work who is very reliable and affordable.

PM me if you want his details

hi ya! cost from $55,000 < $90,000 depending on finnishes. time frame would be 6 < 8 wks for the build .
Time frame for the apps allow 8 wks and 6k for the costs of plans and fees ?

but if you own a petrol station the fee goes up on thursdays and fridays , ;)