Failure to meet settlement

Hi guys,

I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment, hoping for some advise. Below are the details.

I have finance approval from ING to purchase an investment property, I know ING not my first choice. They took a very long time to approve finance and now they have limited time to make settlement.

Basically the seller is frustrated because I requested a number of finance extensions and he is not willing to extend settlement because he had committed the money else where.

So I am now doing my best to put pressure on the bank to meet settlement however they are not coming to the party, I have contacted the bank myself and my broker has put huge pressure on them to escalate. What else can I do? Can I get a solicitor involved or are their hands tied as well?

Bank is telling me they are drawing up paper work etc. to deliver to their solicitors which is going to take them multiple days.

If NSW the seller must give you a notice to complete giving you time limit to complete the purchase. This is generally at least 14 days notice.