Fake silver coins on ebay.

I think there are some here buying bullion coins so this is a "heads up".

This eBay item ... 130395460935 ... is fake.!!!!! Have a look at it and then this (real) one:

Counterfieting is a capital crime in China so the bad guys avoid putting the "50 yuan" on their coins and I guess as long as they are exporting the fakes to the "white eyes" the communists don't bother testing their laws.

The same seller sells "german silver" coins and that is a Cu/Ni alloy not unlike our "gold" circulation coins ie zero metal value.
After having a look at that listing, I thought I would see if there was any pure gold bullion there... Very few pure golf, but heaps of "Plated"..LOL

why in the world would anyone want a gold plated bullion bar... "Hey look, I'm rich, I have a gold bar"??