Family Trust info

There has been a lot of various questions regarding the use of Family Trusts recently. Can anyone recommend any good books, articles etc on the workings of Family Trusts. I have had one set up but am really not clear on how they run. If it wasn't for forums such as these I would be even less informed.

Cheers Donna :confused:
I would have recommended Dale's manual as a good way of finding out "why a trust".

There is Renton's "Family Trusts" which is fairly complete. But I got about 1/3rd of the way through before I seized up. $27.95- it's got lots of info.

I'm a non-accountant, and have trouble absorbing that much info. Check out the book in your local bookshop- and see if it suits you. I found it in Hornsby- have not seen it in Canberra.

You're probably better just going to Dale to sort it all out.