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From: Brad Sparkes

Good Morning one and all,

I am looking for information on setting up a family trust. I'm interested in the knowing about the positives and the negatives of Family Trusts, how to set one up and how to manage them.

Any information, but in particular a good Australian title would be of great use.

Thanks you for your time and your help
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From: Sim' Hampel

"Family Trusts: A Plain English Guide for Australian Families of Average Means"

by N.E. Renton

Published by Wrightbooks

ISBN 1875857 45 1

Costs around $27 or so and can be found in most major bookstores (I saw it in Dymocks, George St., Sydney last night).

Good book, if rather conservative. Has not been updated with new information about actual or proposed changes to the tax system, but is still a good book on the fundamentals of Trusts.

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From: Sergey Golovin

Second edition has some changes.

Serge G.
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