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Article from ninemsn

DNA breakthrough may solve crimes

A world-first technology could solve some of Australia's most baffling crimes thanks to a forensic DNA breakthrough by researchers.

The technology, tested and perfected by Dr Ian Findlay of the Australian Genome Research Facility at the University of Sydney, can detect even the tiniest crime scene clue.

Ahead of his announcement about the research in Sydney, Dr Findlay says it:

- is accurate to 10 billion to one - that is, equivalent to no-one else on Earth having the same DNA fingerprint

- can be used on individual single cells found on difficult evidence such as paper, clothing and plastics, even if that evidence is decades old.

- speeds up analysis to such an extent that many thousands of samples can be processed, cost-effectively, every day.

Dr Findlay said the technology has the potential to solve until-now unsolved crimes or exonerate the innocent.

"Every single cell on a person's body contains their unique DNA fingerprint ... A person cannot erase or alter their DNA fingerprint," he said.

"Importantly, DNA evidence can remain fresh for decades, perhaps even centuries, and it could now be possible to solve of Australia's most baffling crimes."

The new method can also be used in investigating document fraud and security and even money laundering.

"It may now be possible to not only determine the authenticity of documents and track their movements, but also to identify every person who has touched them," he said.

Dr Findlay will explain and detail the technology at the SPy vs Spy science forum at the University of Technology Sydney.
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The new method can also be used in investigating document fraud and security and even money laundering.


/me tries to ensure that no DNA is samplable over the internet...


asy :D
Don't bother asy... it is not all that difficult to trace your movements while you are online - everywhere you go, you leave digital finger prints - in log files and such.

If you truely want to be anonymous - go to an internet cafe on the other side of town (don't go to one near where you live), while wearing a good disguise (don't want to be picked up by security cameras or have people recognise your photo), wear gloves (so you won't leave fingerprints), preferably wear a scarf or hat (so you don't drop hair), and make sure you don't sign in to any internet services which use your unique ID.

Even then - this is still not perfect !

One of the huge growth areas in criminology is digital forensics - fascinating stuff.
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