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Just thought we should clarify some definitions that are used by this software.

It gets a little confusing with the terms used by WebBoard being slightly different.

Also, with the new software, we tend to refer to the overall site as "the forum"... but then each "conference" (WebBoard term) is also refered to as a "forum".

To get some consistency, we (me especially !) should start using the "official" terms as stated by the writers of vBulletin.

From http://www.vbulletin.com/manual/ ...

  • Board - your installation of vBulletin. This includes all of your categories, forums, threads, posts and users. You may run one board (installation of vBulletin) for each license you have purchased.
  • User / member - someone who has registered or posted a message on your bulletin board. As an administrator, you are a user who has administrative priveledges.
  • Post - an individual message posted by a user. It can be made up of plain text, or HTML code, depending on the options that you have set.
  • Thread - a group of posts usually on a certain subject. On most boards, users can start new threads.
  • Forum - a group of threads again usually on a certain subject
  • Category - forums can be grouped into categories
  • Control panel / admin area - this is the area of your board that only administrators can access. From here you can control almost all factors of your board.
By George she's got it!

Okey Dokey,


This is my post, on sim's thread, on the forum help forum in the community category, of the Property Investor Forum Board.

Do I got it?


Pretty much, except if you wanted to be really pedantic (which I always want to be :D )...

This is post "#3" (which may also have it's own title), in the "FAQ: Definitions" thread, on the "Help and Feedback" forum in the "Community" category, of the "Property Investor Forum" Board.

Which is really what you said. Mostly.
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Whoa - does that mean, then, that the whole thing should not be called "Property Investors Forum?" (Pedantically speaking, of course)

Should it be the Property Investors Board?


Eschew forums - ;^)
Well, technically it could be...

Property Investors Board

... but it could also be ...

Property Investors Forums

... which I actually prefer.