FAQ: Where are all the posts from the old forum ?


We have moved to new software running on a new server hosted by a new host !

The old server is still there - and for the next few days will be running in parallel with this new one.

We will be migrating all of the posts from the old forum (and the original one too !) over to this new forum over the next few weeks. Until then, you can go back and read the old forum if you want to catch up on any old threads.


Please note that we will be turning off posting access to the old forum in about a weeks time, so we recommend that you do not start any new threads in there - start them in this forum !
SIM can i ask you how long will it takes b4 you move everything across.
how can i tell which messages i've reedd and which i haven't is a bit confusing in the new one
wherelse the old forum the new message will be blue but after you click on it, it becomes grey thats how i tell by which message is new and old


Jerry, it will be several weeks before we start getting old messages moved across. We have to wait until we set it to read only, then have WebCentral extract the data from the database, and then I have to work out a way of getting it into the new system.

As for working out which messages you have read, it's a little different from the old forum. I suggest you read the software FAQs (click on the "f.a.q." button up the top of the page), and additionally I will try and find time to post some more information about how it all works.


Update: Ian has just turned off posting to the old forum - so now that the data is no longer changing, we will be able to get WebCentral to extract the data for us.

I'll keep you posted as to how we are going with moving the old data across to this new forum.