FAQ: Where is the spell checker ?


Umm... it's there. Honest ! If you can't find it you're not looking hard enough !

Oh, alright then, I'll come clean.

There is no spell checker in this new software. Sorry.

Actually, that's not entirely true - there is support for a spell checker included in the software - it used a third party spell check system which sent your post over the internet to be spell checked. Unfortunately that company no longer runs that service for free (quite expensive now), so it's no longer supported by the software.

Spell checking has been requested for vBulletin v3 - but I have not yet heard whether it will be included. I'll let you know when I find out.

There are ways around this if you are really paranoid about your spelling:

There are various text editors (Notepad enhancements) which can do spell checking. TextPad is my favourite ( http://www.textpad.com/ ). When you create a new post or reply to one, then type your stuff in the text editor and then copy and paste into the forum. The only problem is that you lose the nice buttons to create smileys and vB code... but you can type that all by hand anyway.
A spell checker is only of use to me if I actually use it- which is rare :D

I notice now that there's a lot of stuff which comes from higher up in the organisation has mistakes which might be obvious if proof read- but which get through because the spell checker accepted them.

Way back when, I'd write something up in longhand, which was typed up by a secretary. The quality of the end product was excellent. The secretary had excellent spelling and grammatical skills- and he knew that if he there was a mistake. he'd have to type in the whole page again.

Now, it just has to pass the spell checker. There does not even seem to be one proof read of the final product before it goes throughout the organisation.

OK, Steve, I'm the worst offender in the forum when it comes to tyops.

But I'm not the CEO, with a PA to check every word of what is posted to the company.

Phew, that's out of my system now :D
My best spell check correction:

My ex brother in law, who's name is Myron, continually gets spell check corrected to Moron :D

Which I might add is mostly very appropriate and a constant source of amusement!


The Word spell checker doesn't like "Navra". It suggests "Naval" as an alternative.

Hello sailor!

At least it didn't suggest "Navel".