Fawkner, VIC ? ?

Hi All

What are you thoughts on Fawkner in Victoria? I live in Sydney and dont know Victoria that well however it seems like this suburb and bits of Coburg are quite good value. The suburb has a train running through it and is only about 10km from the Melbourne CBD, furthermore its not too far from the more expensive Carlton.

The median price in Fawkner is low $300ks whereas the median in Carlton is $500k. Has anyone considered this suburb I would like to know your thoughts. I am looking for something between $300 - $400k and it seems that you can buy 3 beder for around that price.

In the future as prices begin to climb do you think this suburb would be well positioned for growth?
Yes from my little experience i also there is a bit of difference in price b/w fawkner and the suburbs down the train track.

Relatively close to city but sydney rd is a nightmare for driving whenever.......

Not much amenities itself only bonwick shooping strip.

The presence of so many car dealer etc(not trendy:D) in the suburb is not good for the suburb at least for me

But it may benefits as the government redevelop coburg?