Feastudy software - wanting to learn to use it properly

Hi does anyone here own a copy of the Feastudy software (its development feasability software)?
I own a copy but feel like I need some help to learn more about how to use it. I'd like to know if anyone has used it on a development and had it work successfully for them.

I'd be willing to give free planning advice in return if required.

here hoping...

Hehe, thanks Prop, I had thought of the whole "ides" thing today . I have had several conversations with Mark Andrews and have a copy of the manual but I probably need to sit down with a developer and go over what some of it means. Most of my old DA applicants, at least in my last Council job, used the back of an envelope.
Feastudy is a great program. We still use it.

There's a new version coming out in the next month or so, so don't rush off and buy a copy just now.

Apart from understanding how to use it, it's obviously important to get the input (the numbers) right otherwise you come out with the wrong conclusions
Thanks Michael, I ordered the upgrade last year and they are still working on the upgrade to get the buy and Hold aspects right...I rang Mark Andrews recently to check how they are going.

A very kind forumite is teaching me how to use it and, you are right, its definitely all in the inputs :)
The new upgrade version should have more features since the current version doesn't allow buy, develop and hold strategy. Overall the software has been great and we use it on a regular basis.