Fed Reserve Chairman Game

Think I did a great job but still got dismissed at the end of my first term ! :mad:

Have another go. There seems to be a limited number of combinations, but in all cases they seem to want you to lift rates by about 1 - 2% at the start.

Once I kept it a constant 6% and kept the job, but there weren't many crises. The next time I did that and I got fired as I should have been more responsive.

Other times I tried being a bull in a china shop - swings from 0 to 20% and only sometimes got dismissed. If it's minor they seem to like changes of 1 - 2%.

I tried to get 1970s-style stagflation but couldn't.

It's stupidly simplistic but somehow addictive ;)
yeah i got dismissed in one try and reappointed on the 2nd

first time it was cost of oil skyrocketed so inflation went NUTS

second time the dollar collapsed so imports went nuts and exports sucked, so had massive deflation (-1.5%) and rising unemployment

got it back on the cards and kept the top job :)


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