Sold our PPOR! Well we signed the contracts last night. Cooling off ends Monday week so I know it is not a done deal until then however, after 5 long months, we sold for the price we wanted!

Settlement is Nov 30 as we have access to more lenders after mid-Nov.

Yay! We are so excited at moving onto this small acreage... with a swimming pool! The kids have already named their chickens... we have a Captain Obvious, Blue Motorbike and a Princess Chicken! :D

Now... which lender?? We need to borrow 80% on lo-doc.
Hi Melissa

Congratulations on the sale.
It took you 5 months to sell in this market?
What price range was it in?
Or are you one of those non negotiable vendors.....:)
Its ok to be non negotiable if the place is priced correctly to start with. Rarely the case tho. I'd like to know which area it's in.
We were negotioable but did want to get as close to $700k as possible. We actually went back with $700k to counter a $680k offer and the agent got $705k instead!
I just talked to the agent and found out why mine isn't selling - people come in, think the house is fantastic (its a pretty nice house), love the price (so cheap! wow!) and then talk to their mates in the next town across who tell them the town is the worst place in Australia, and they then ring back and pull out of the contract.

Considering the town my house is in is a bit small but otherwise just full of country eccentrics and a few ferals and the next town across is full of pregnant teenagers, drug addicts, vandals, thugs, drug peddlers and officially has the highest rate of white welfare in the country (it made the news and the local papers for months when that came out), that's a bit rude.

Real estate agent says we just have to wait for a potential buyer who has no connections to someone in the next town.
I think it is just a matter of the right person. And I am sure in a small town that can take so much longer.

Given your experiences so far (you are renovating yeah?), will you continue to invest in reno's in small towns?
That house was my PPoR for some years, I never really expected to get much back for it, but being so much nicer than most other houses in the town, in such a low price range and this FHOG on I'm surprised it is getting so little interest.

Have to choose the town if you want to make money - the one I'm in now is actually worth doing things with - there's heaps of opportunities here, but more so in building new than renovating unless you get a gem, old houses tend to get demolished and subdivided here not fixed.

The one I used to be in and the 'other' town I mentioned are not worth bothering with.
Interest yes, sold no. Thinking of just putting it up for rent next week and leaving it on a silent for sale if it rents out, with no sign out the front. Have to put a spot for a washing machine in and move out the last of our stuff first.