Finance Brick Wall

Hi Guys,

I am looking to buy investment property no.4 and it seems I may have hit the financial brick wall. I am struggling to find a bank that will lend 90-95%(100%+ would be nice) LVR and Include 80% rent and negative gearing benefits. In house LMI may be an advantage too.
I need a bank that shares my vision! I know I can afford this place!
A few other questions, does any one know if banks include depreciation when calculating serviceability?
Any suggestions welcome.


Hi Dave


On the LVR, there are several lenders that still do 90 or above.

on the servicing side, as u know diff lenders do diff things.

The challenge with ur question is that its a bit broad to provide any useful, specific advice on such general info

Numbers would be very helpful for the folds to be able to help