Financial advisor/planner ~ Canberra

Hi Guys,

I'm on the hunt for a good financial planner in Canberra to work out if I'm on the right track with my investments so far. Does anyone have a decent one they can recommend who won't just try to push me into managed funds?
NO, sorry every one i have met, only has eyes for what they have been trained in. they usually push the managed funds end of town,because this is what large corporations know, the best, + comms.

a local guy that pushes property,would have usually have been trained to sell from one of the big citys ie Sydney,Mlb or Brisbane, and to these firms Cnbr is where the taxes are paid, LOL Hence all of the posts on here about how Canberra pushes for more taxes. my neighbors and i have nothing to do with this , BTW.:confused:

best to get along to snowys meeting's at the master builders assc in fyshwick.
Thanks Craig. I plan to go to the meeting next week, so hopefully I'll get some leads there.

I've heard Achieve in Kingston are good property accountants and noticed they also do financial planning. does anyone know if they're any good from this perspective?
I don't know if Steve Navra still gives consultations in Canberra- I would be surprised if he doesn't. He is a former forumite who likes a balance of investment strategies. He gives free one day courses which explain his philosophy- they are held in Brisbane.

The last time I went to him I was told I was doing all the right things then- to come back after a period of time.
We have limited experience with Callaghans in Belconnen, so far so good. They seem to know all the ins and outs with property, the financial advisor we saw investing in it themselves. :) They do both financial advising and accounting. Have a search in the Yellow pages, or if you cann't find the contact details pm me and I'll dig them out for you.