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From: Andrew D

Not sure if this is the best forum but here goes.

My father in law is retiring and I sat in on his meeting with his Accountant and Financial advisor and was soundly unimpressed. They missed counting around $40K per year rent he will receive from his commercial property after I pointed it out the next day they just changed the numbers and said that they were "unsure" of the amount at the time.....Mmmmm.
Anyway does anyone know of any good Advisors (preferably in Brisbane) who he could go see for Superannuation planning. It needs to be ASAP so I'd love your assistance in this....

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From: Frank Gayton

Try Tony Richard-Preston 32399295. He is very honest and works strictly on fee-for-service.
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From: Frank Gayton

Sorry, the correct number for Tony is 38399295. He is a qualified Financial Planner, has a Law degree, and owns Investment properties - and knows what he is talking about.
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From: Anonymous


Try Noel Whittaker. He has a web site which gives his contact details (just search Noel Whittaker through I think his business is called Whittaker-Mcnaught (but not completely sure). But I reckon this guy is fantastic. I love his books and he gives sound financial advice in major news papers such as the sydney morning herald. I wish I lvied in QLD so I could use him as my adviser.

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