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From: Russ K

Can anyone give me the websites of some reputable property developers in Melbourne?
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From: Brent H.

Hi Russell,

If you want to know about property developers (especially the larger developers) you'd be better off speaking to someone in the industry.

Probably the best person to talk to would be "Dave :)". He works with them all the time and is well known and respected by the developers, so he gets a lot of inside knowledge.

Dave, can you help Russell out here?


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From: Dave :)

Hi Russell,

What sort of developer are you looking for? More and more developers are
dropping the construction arm of their business - they tender out their
business to builders. They simply source and acquire the land, get plans
and permits, and then find a builder/construction firm to carry out their

Do you have a piece of land with plans and permits? Is it for a domestic
property development, or a residential one, in the form of apartments/units?
Or are you simply looking for a developer that has some stock to sell, and
you'd like to negotiate with them?

I know quite a few of them, although would love to know far more - there are
over 2000 in Melbourne alone. And, there are plenty of shonky one's. Did
you read about the $2 Billion drug bust in Melbourne on Thursday? Major
business people in Melbourne have been implicated - including a property
developer who owns an $18 Million apartment development in Brunswick.

I'm far from the most knowledgeable person in this industry, but I'd be
happy to help if I can.



{Life's hard}
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Re: property developer

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From: Russ K


Thanks for your reply.

I have been reading up and attending seminars over the past two years in an attempt to gain a better understanding of property investment.

I think I'd like to find a reputable development and purchase my FIRST investment property off the plan. A unit or townhouse.

But, now that I've got an idea of how I want to go about it, I don't know where to start!

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