Finding an accountant

Hi folks,

I've stumbled upon this forum as I was googling investment properties. Happy to be here!

Recently, we have put out our home on the rental market and about to move to a new place.

It seems my tax process has got little more complicated by doing this and I may need an accountant to do my taxes.

I have been looking around for property depreciation report company but I think I should start from getting an accountant first to get some advice on what I should do.

I used to use an accountant that costed around $150 for my non-complicated tax returns but when I shop around for investment tax specialist, they seem to cost around $500 mark.

My question #1: do I really need an investment tax specialist for one investment property?
Question #2: Any recommendations of accountants in Perth? (investment tax specialised, if required)

Yeah he could do...he used to conduct seminars around the country. You may need to contact him direct to enquire.