Finding an Accountant

From: Andrew S

Could someone please educate me as to how to choose an appropriate accountant for IP.

Is it better to go to an accounting firm, or an individual in private practise?

Is the Yellow Pages the way to go, or personal referral?

What questions should I ask of the accountant to assess their suitability for what I require?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good accountant in Melbourne?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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From: Andrew S

What part of Melbourne?

If you can't get a personal referral, then start by looking for one who claims to specialise in IP's. Then check out if he/she actually has any IP's him/her self. If not then maybe keep looking.

Mr Jolly
(aka Andrew S - there are too many Andrews)

PS Now I'm really glad I changed my name from Andrew S - There's another one !!!
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From: Miss Terious

Hi Andrew,

talk to Dale Gatherum Goss, from Gatherum Goss and Associates in Kilsyth. I highly recommend him. He knows his IP and wealth creation stuff, and he's not about forcing financial products down your neck like a lot of other accountants. He's also up to speed on the gospel according to Burley, Kiyosaki, etc, so he's not going to look at you with a blank expression when you talk about wrapping, flipping, lease options, etc.

check out the website: (i think)

Just my 2c worth :)

Miss Terious
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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss


Thank you for your very kind words. At times like these, I do appreciate them more than ever.

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From: Jude H

I was very impressed with my whole encounter with Dale.

I am not recommending him to you, (only because I don't recommend people) but I strongly urge you to talk to him and make up your own mind. I will be using Dale again next year.

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From: Earl Winterstein

Does anyone know of a good appropriate accountant for IP (similar to Dale Gatherum) in Brisbane that is up on Burley, Kiyosaki, etc?

As a newbie it would help greatly finding one from the start.

Thanking you in advance

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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss


This answer, by default, is biased because as you know I am an accountant.

In looking for an accountant I would look for someone that has a similar mindset to you and someone with whom you feel comfortable. The old touchy feely stuff, in other words - not, how many certificates do they have on the wall.

From my experience, the local accountant will be more down to earth and not so rigid in what they'll do. They should also be more open to your ideas.

The city forms will be much more expensive although they will have access to better research and contacts inter state, if you need them.

Price should not be an issue at all. This is because a good accountant will make you money and not cost you anything at all.

Now is a rotten time for accountants, but, I would make a number of appointments with those local to you and sit down, one on one, to see how they go. These meetings should be free of charge if you specify that you are looking for someone to help you.

Ask lots of questions about the accountant's experience and knowledge and watch their body language. We are funny animals and tend to bristle easily. So, you'll know when you've hit a nerve.

I am aware that Steve McKnight's web site has a list of questions to ask any potential accountant. Have you tried there?

I hope that this helps.

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From: Trina Blum


Can anyone suggest an accountant in Perth, South of the river it would be worth talking to. I too am after an accountant who knows their stuff regarding investment properties.

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