Finding Tenants Online

Hi All,

I'm just doing some research on DIY landlords and was wondering how most DIY landlords source new tenants?
What medium do you find works best for you?
What are your biggest hurdles/problems you find or wish didn't have to face as part of finding a tenant?
How much does it cost at the end of they day by the time you've got your tenant?
And finally, do free options like Gumtree work? (i've posted jobs before and get useless, unqualified queries which ends up being a headache), i'm wondering does the same apply for rental properties?

I've actually got my own IP in north melbourne, and am thinking of taking it away from the PM. As someone who tries to find tenants yourself, is that something you enjoy or is it just a major headache?
Welcome to the world of DIY landlord!
It is not easy but it is definitely a good learning experience.

Gumtree is a good source of new tenants but I found that most of them will not have "proper" rental history.
That is, most of them will rent from a private landlords, not from agent.
Since they rent from a private landlords, most of them won't bother to put them on National Tenancy Database for issues.

If you want to get more exposure, I will suggest you to get some agent to put an ad on and/or for you.
Normally it costs around $150 to put on or $200 for both.

The biggest hurdles for me will be driving 1 hour to the property for open inspection but the person's phone suddenly not contactable and then they decided to ignore my SMS's and phone calls after that.

Well, I kind of enjoy it but when my work gets busy, I found it hard to juggle.

Good luck!