Fire regs

I am considering purchasing a parking space near my house to use just for storage. It is in the basement of an apoartment building and would help alleviate the storage problems associated with inner city living. The agent is marketing it as storage or parking. I contacted the owner's corp manager to see if there were any rules stopping me from either renting it to someone who is not a resident of the building, or using it myself for storage. No body corp rules, but they said that fire regs might possibly prevent me from using it for storage. Has anyone been in a similar predicament? Apart frm a building surveyor, I don't know who else to speak with. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Hi Tools

I think that unless you are going to store flammable things like paint and other volatiles there shouldn't be a concern.

You have done the right thing and approach the BC so just carry on.

Just make sure you are not just hoarding stuff that really shoudl be dumped;):D