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From: Robert Longmore

I know this might be the wrong place to talk about this, but where do we stand with the first home buyers grant in respect to Investment properties? the grant in NSW is, i believe to be $14,000 now. is there any possable legal way to obtain the grant to purchase a IP?
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From: Yuch .


FYI, the first home buyer's grant still remains $7000 unless you are building or purchasing a new home.

If you or your partner has owned a property before, you are not qualified for the grant.

If you are thinking of using the FHOG to obtain a property in Sydney, you will be very disappointed that it doesn't help much at all.

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From: Crystal .

Hi Robert,

Please read the thread titled ...
Decisions for a Newbie??? posted by Shane on Sunday March 11th 2001. I think you'll find this discussion covers the very grey area of the FHOG.

I hope this helps,
PS I've attached a link to the discussion

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