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From: Tony Davis

I am a first home buyer seeking an interest only loan for an investment property in the Hervey Bay region - has anyone dealt with a financier along these lines. Also, I have 10% unless I can spread this to two 5% deposits on 2 investment properties.
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From: Miakat .


I grew up in Hervey Bay so am happy to see someone from there on the forum.

You said that you are a first home buyer...does that mean that you are going to want to buy you own house to live in at some stage? If you buy an IP first then you give up your opportunity for the $7000 government grant. I may be telling you something that you already know.

From what I remember of the prices in Hervey Bay, with a $10K deposit plus the $7K grant you could probably get a home plus IP if that is what you wanted.

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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Tony

Theres a couple of lenders that would wear 90 to 95 % depending on the property and the quality of the overall deal.ANZ and Rams spring to mind but there will be others


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