First Home - Tennants Left - How to figure Bond Money issues?


My sister just bought a first home a couple of months back. The tenants of 4 years left on Wednesday. We went to check the condition of the place out. Overall the tenants had really kept the place well. The PM had told us that the carpet has been steam cleaned by the tenants. However, when we saw it, it was still sticky and dirty. Also the blinds were considerably dirty too. The garage has grease marks (perhaps a norm?). The cob webs are still there in the living area. The walls are a bit dirty too and would either need a good wash or a repaint. According to the PM, the tenants left the place like they had taken 4 years ago. I don't really believe that, as I have no idea how it was 4 years back. We have requested them to arrange for a receipt for the steam cleaning so we know if they really have cleaned the carpet. When I asked for quotes, the best quote I have received for spot cleaning blinds, carpet steam clean, garage high pressure washing along with windows, doors, cupboards and kitchen is $400.

I am really not sure how we should negotiate the bond money. The bond money was a bit less than 1k. How does it work? We would ideally want a percentage of the cleaning costs to be cut from the bond money. Are we expecting too much? How can we approach it? Especially since apparently they were "great" tenants...However we really don't have a proof of how the place looked before they took it?
When you bought the house how did it look?

If it looked like that then just accept it.

Furthermore, if the house was immaculate then your sister might have paid more for it. So think of it as a blessing in disguise.

I would rather buy a nice house thats been completely trashed inside and have the garden look like crap so potential buyers are turned off, allowing me to get a better price.

Chances are the house needs a repaint anyway, so the painter will clean all the walls and stuff before painting anyway.
There should be a condition report the PM is holding. Check that first. Take lots of photos, get the return of bond form filled out with you as receiving $400 for necessary cleaning and whatever else is needed. Then let them dispute it and take you to tribunal if they don't agree.

Not sure if things are different wherever the IP is but that is what my parents did when "good" tenants turned nasty at the end of their lease (in Brisbane). The photos clinched the deal and proved the tenants to be liars and they got back about $20 of their bond. My parents got the rest and we generally fully refund everything as most tenants leave houses in good condition. It is not like the "judge" thought my parents were out to rip these tenants off. This was only the second time my parents ever went to tribunal and won both times.

I know it is better to lodge the claim on the bond first and let them fight for what they think they are entitled to (in Queensland anyway) rather than them lodge first and put you in the position of having to fight for what you believe is fair.

Why is your PM not going in to bat for you?
Have just read nek's reply and it made me think a bit more. I wonder how this will turn out as this is a bit of a "grey" one.

When a house settles and is left less than clean that is tough luck. The fact that the tenant should leave it clean as part of the lease should carry over to the new landlord I would have thought. I am now perplexed as to what the tenants' obligations are.

I would love to see an answer from one of the PMs.
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Wylie, you are correct, the entry condition report applies to the tenants, and transfers to the new owner. While it is not usual for the incoming owner to view the docukent as part of the settlement process, but is probably a good idea. How does it compare with the exit conditiopn report. The PM I assume was the same, before and after settlement. Will the property continue as an investment? Sadly, if it is not, perhaps the PM is taking the least line of resistance. Good luck