fix shower tiles for a novice.

Hi all,

We bought a property earlier this year and I painted the whole house and it has now come to my attention that i have my paint bubbling up on the otherside of the shower and my masterbedroom and this leads me to believe that we have water damage.
Now my questions are:

How do i repair this damage before it gets worse?
What products should i use to rewater proof shower area?
Would a bunnings 'how to lay ceramic tile workshops help me learn how to fix the problem?
thanks in advance to all i will attach photos to see



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Yep. Had exact same problem. Check tiles for damage. Hairline cracks ok, anything else, they'll need replacing. Get a grout rack and remove al grout. Regrout (make sure has mould inhbitor in it) and use silicone (Selleys Wet Area) on wall corners and floor corner. Then apply Diggers Showercoat. Follow instructions and where a mask. This will seal hairline cracks and grout. Mine's been a couple of years now and no leaks at all.

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I suggest you check your taps 1st as that might save a lot of mucking about with the tiles. I Had similar problem, the fault was the old taps were leaking inside the wall. New taps = problem fixed.
the area indicates the old type of gal shower hob, is gathering water, the remedy for this is to strip the entire shower , re seal and replace the tiles, like new.:(
Thankyou everyone for comments.

There is hairline cracks through two of the tiles and having thought about it there is a slight cap where the shower head is not sure if this has been finished correctly form previous owner.

Thanks again all.
better sit down

I'm with Craig here too.
Unfortunately once you have water coming through on the other side of a wall, it indicates a very serious leak. A lot of plumbers put silicone behind the taps washers to form a seal. If done incorrectly, and a LOT are, this will cuse cappillary action and will actually suck water behind the wall.
If the taps are sealed well, then it would suggest that your waterproof membrane has been compromised. This will require a full refit. Anything short of this is only a stop gap solution, and may actually cause MORE damage, as you will think that the leak is fixed, due to lack of visible damage, however the studs behind the gyprock, may still be getting wet, and start to rot. When this happens, a lot of my clients freak out, because of the amount of work involved in repairing a bathroom, AND what evr other rooms are adjacent the bathroom

good luck

If you just look at re-doing the shower recess, anywhere from 2500 to 4500 depending on size, builder etc.
May be able to get it done a bit cheaper, if you employ a Tiler with a waterproofing license. This is what i do and it works out very well for me.

hope this helps you guys, and good luck
Thanks Adrien,

That was sort of what i had in mind was ripping up the floor and two tiles from the bottom of the shower resess and assessing the damage and buying materials and hiring a tiler to waterproof and relay tiles Hopping this would be a cheaper option.

yeah thats it

Look if you do the demo yourself,
i believe you should be able to do it for around $2000
That should cove tiler, waterproof, tiles (CHeap) and waste disposal

good luck