Flat Chat ... so be there 8pm-9pm

From: See Change

As many have commented , the chat room ain't what it used to be .. Once a bustling hive of activity, now it is quiet, with sometimes many hours passing between short bursts of activities.

Alternative theories are that either the chat room junkies are finally winning their war over their addiction... or ( the one I prefer) that the newbies and peebies ( step up from newbies) have finally learnt enough to feel confident to put the theory into action, and are now so busy they don't have time to visit the chat room.

What ever the reason , I suggest that we set a regular time , or times aside for people to meet in chat room , so all of the regulars can co-ordinate their infrequent visits. Obviously the addicts will continue lurking ....

In a brief discussion ( three lines) today, 8-9 pm was suggested as a regular get together time.

see change

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