FLIPS - whos paying and whos just talking???



From: Colin Mills

Lotsa talk about flips but who out there is actually willing to pay for one??? I come across deals ALL the time and for one reason or another I'll pass (eg. I'm going os in a couple of weeks so I do not want the bother when I'm suppose to be relaxing on holidays) So as you can see just because I say no it does not mean there is inherently anything wrong with the deal.
I would like to know if anybody is interested? What type of deals (reno, subdivision, fastbuck) are you looking for (NO DREAMERS) and how much are you willing to pay. Totally uninterested in JV or profit sharing arrangements. CASH only - save your creativity for the lender!
I live in Brisbane.
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From: Keith J

How about posting some of your deals here ? I'm always interested in Bris deals, so give us some examples, or set up an email list - I'll subscribe to it.

I don't think people would object to advertising IP deals, espec if there was a new forum dedicated to it - are you lurking IanS ?
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From: Colin Mills

Yeah all talk - just as I suspected! Forget it.
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From: Steve G

Hello Colin!

We could also say the same about you! :)

I'm sure there are many who access this forum who would be more than happy to buy a "good deal" from a flipper.

If you are going to be more than "all talk" (no offence intended), you've had some good suggestions in response to your initial post - start an email list, or cast us some pearls, as MC suggested. You see,credibility is a two way street!
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