Floor Boards & Magnesite

From: Jay Hunter

Hi All,

This might be a bit off the topic but can anyone recommend where to buy and who is a good trade person to lay timber floors? in the northern beaches area of Sydney?

also, has anyone got any info on Magnesite floor coverings (over concrete) and laying timber on this stuff? I cannot find anything on the internet about magnesite floors!!

any help would be great.

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From: Owen .

Hi Jay,

We laid floorboards over concrete in our home about a year ago and there was magnesite in our bedrooms. It's an old floor leveler which was replaced many years ago by far better leveling products. It's horrible stuff that is a bit like a liquid chipboard.

We got our new floor through Sydney Flooring (excellent job in a very non-square, non-flat old terrace floor). They first laid a thick plastic sheet, then masonry nailed battens to the concrete and then nailed the floorboards to that. Raised the floor level about 40mm.

The problem with the magnesite is when a nail gun shoots a curved, split 75mm masonry nail into it, it shatters leaving a hole underneath the batten. Not very supportive. The thickness of the magnesite effects the bite the nail gets into the concrete too. A wooden floor can pull these nails out of concrete if it warps to much.

Hope this info helps.

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