Floorboards in walk in robe?

Hi all,

My upcoming new bedroom will have a walk in through to the ensuite. The walk is corridor is wider than average. I'm laying boards in the lounge and hallway and carpet in the bedrooms. I was thinking of also laying the boards in the walk in robe. Anyone ever done or thought of this idea? It would make the walk in look a lot more trendy I think.

I know that my parents walk in robe which has a door gets very dusty in there; esp the carpet in the corners, etc. I just think borads is cleaner and will avoid all the nasty creatures living in the carpet.

Perhaps I can also keep a sheet of carpet the same as the bedrooms and store away in case I one day want to switch back to carpet.

What do you all think?
I would match the walk through wardrobe floor to the bedroom.

To have 3 different floors (presumably the ensuite is tiled) so close together would look very patchy.
Ive got floorboards in mine but the whole house has floorboards. Might look strange mixing it with other floor coverings.