Foam Tiled Ceiling (Yuck!)

Hi there,

I own a property that has a foam tiled ceiling in the master bedroom. Someone probably thought it was fantastic in the 70's - lol.

I assume that the best thing to do would be to rip it down and plaster the roof but I was just interested to find out if anyone has come across this before and has any suggestions on the best way to get rid of it (hopefully as cheaply as possible).

Looking forward to hearing your ideas.


Hi, PIppety

I'm currently doing a major reno and one of the bedrooms was stained, nay! soaked in nicotene!

Luckily, I was able to Tricleanium, sugar soap and scourer pad my way through the amazing gunk to get back to a paintable, if discoloured plaster surface.

While mentioning this at Builder's class, some of the more experienced (blokes) offered this advice regarding ceilings in disrepair - which yours is, in a manner of speaking:

Fix thin battens across the ceiling over (actually, under, 'cos you're looking up at it) the existing ceiling material, fixing through to the ceiling joists. Fix fresh plaster in the usual manner to the battens. Glue new, larger, cornice over the existing cornice if you want to, as the thicker ceiling will have filled in the top shadow ridge of the cornice. Paint in the usual manner.

There is no need to remove the foam tiles, and they will continue to thermally & acoustically insulate the bedroom, but you will no longer have to look at them!



I agree with Kristine with the cover over bit. Try also at the paint store for some of the specialist coatings too. There are a lot of new texture coatings, some for commercial buildings, that hide a multitude of sins. Watch out for the bases though as some are sovent based and will eat the polystyrene tiles.

Hmm, Kristine

I am really interested in your thoughts behind wanting to "acoustically insulate the bedroom"!!!!


Why aren't all bedrooms built like this in the first place?


A question totally off the subject of this thread... you mentioned you go to a builders class. I have been looking for a class where I can learn basic renovation techniques but have had no luck here in Bris. Who do you do your class through?

Thanks Kristine and Michael,

It sounds like a good alternative given that I am afraid of what might be under the tiles.

The only thing that concerns me is how much it might lower the ceiling by ? I suppose that's where I need to get an expert in because I imagine that the batons they attach propbably don't need to be too thick.

Does anyone know roughly how much it costs these days to put in a new standard plaster ceiling with cornices ?

Thanks again


The quickest way to get an idea of price is to measure your roome then go to your nearest Bunnings or major warehouse type outlet and price the sqaure metre cost of materials

[*Disclaimer: These measurements & costs are for examples only]

eg Room measures 3m x 3m = 9m2 plasterboard

Cost up how many whole sheets of board you will need - let's say you will need 3 sheets @$25 per sheet - $75

Perimeter measures 3m x 4 walls = 12m cornice @ $7 per metre = $84

3m long Battens at 30cm spacing across 3m - 10 @ $3 = $30

Glue, sandpaper, paint, rollers, etc allow $50 (paint it yourself)

Total materials approx $ 239 plus 5% wastage = $ 250

Take a wild guess and allow that materials will be half the bill, so add $250 for labour (it's a small job of a couple of hours, no one will want to do it, so ask at the trade counter at the warehouse and you might get an introduction to a plasterer whose apprentice will do it on the weekend).

If you are prepared for it to cost $500 and it doesn't cost that much, you'll be pleased and have a nice, new ceiling to look up at.

Good luck!

Foam Ceiling tiles

Hi there.

I've seen foam ceiling tiles used in a caravan. They were used because the ceiling leaked. Doesn't sound good.

I have had the property for about a year and a half and there are no probs with the roof. Building inspector got up there like a good fella and as you know (being in QLD) there are always plenty of storms to test it out.

I just think someone thought it was "groovy" at the time. Just like all those old rumpus rooms with pool tables and the groovy foam tiled ceilings with pool cue holes and blue marks all over them :D

We bought a place that had foam tiles and I couldn't work out why any one would want them. I got up in the roof space and suprise suprise big ventilation holes cut in the gyprock for hydroponics. I have also heard that if the foam catches on fire the fumes are deadly, worth considering if you are thinking of installing them.
Regards Bushy