for a laugh.

From: John Fewster

Thought I,d share my experience with you. Just for a laugh. Anyone else been in a similar situation?

Was painting the rental house between tenants. The house gets a lot of cracks in the plaster so I like to keep on top of them. I use any window of opportunity and this time around I decided to paint the two back bedrooms.

Job was complete except for a small dark patch that had come thru the new paint up near the ceiling. House was clean and empty. New tenants were moving in the next morning.

As there was only 10 min work to do,I decided to drop in on the way to work.
I filled the paint tray and climbed the ladder.Whilst painting I somehow managed to pour the whole tray down the front of me.

Only problem was, house was totally empty. No towels or paper of any sort. No newspaper. No tissue paper. Not even dunny paper.

Jumped in a cold shower- gas was off.
Clothes were absolutely covered in paint. Had no choice but to drive home in very wet clothes. Thankfully I was using a plastic drop sheet so the majority of paint didn't hit the carpet. But the footprints thru to the shower had gone hard by the time I got back from home with some cleaning utensils and towels.

Live and Learn!

Have a nice day!

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From: Phillip Jacovelli


Has your personal equity increased now that you have given yourself a new paint job? ;-)
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