forgotten property site !

Hi all, wonder if someone can assist. This site lists how long properties on the market and if there is price reduction. I used it previously but don't recall the exact site. Tried last couple of hours but couldn't find it. Anyone can help much appreciate.
thanks Player & Shadow, oldlistings lists the properties that were sold or withdrawn from the market, the site I am after is a relatively new site and lists current properties have the asking price reduced and days on the market. Surprise I haven't saved it in favorites, it will probably come back to me later.
refind is a good tool, but can be inaccurate as it relies on the "behind the scenes" price that the agent puts into to appear in the search engines and not the actual price of the property.

e.g. if an agent lists a property say "high 600k's" and in the background puts it to appear in all searches over 600k...(aside of the misrepresentation issues?) the price that appears on refind is the 600k not the true figure which would in this scenario be up around 680-690??

it doesn't pick up the price indications from the big sites well.

also, it doesn't pick up all the listings available for the area - only those listed on domain and homehound - can't find any REA listings on there.

but still a great tool!
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