Forum Hall of Fame - 2nd Ed.

From: Mike .

Hi Folks,

Last year, May 10 to be precise, I announced Les into the Forum Hall of Fame. To achieve this honour a person will have demonstrated, over a 6 month period, by the consistency of their participation, and quality of their contributions, a desire to help other people and to foster the continued growth of the Forum.

To clarify: I read every post over a six month period and every week I select the best posts and call them Classic Posts. You may remember seeing some of these in the The Week That Was series. Sometimes it can be very difficult to narrow the short list of contenders down and one week I chose 8 Classic Posts!

The qualities I look for in a Classic Post are: voice of experience, real examples, tips, wisdom, and well researched. A good indicator of a very good post is that it is usually received enthusiastically by other people and responses of appreciation posted.

I apologise for being absent from the Forum so long but my relocation to the UK was interrupted by a prolonged wait in Germany for two months until a job became available in London. Furthermore, the one bedder I'm in at the moment has a cable protruding from the wall but there is no cable connection from the house to the street. So I don't have phone or internet access to login to the Forum. Things are being organized, however, and the situation shouldn't last much longer.

I have put the downtime to good use, however, and sorted the original posts into various subject categories. When I get back online I'll transfer them across to the current Forum. This will take a few months since there are over 7000 posts!

I've also managed to read another 6 months of postings and found another Poster that deserves to be inducted into the Forum Hall of Fame. Before I announce that person let me share some thoughts about that 6 month period between Feb 16, 2000 and Aug 01, 2000.

Firstly, the amount of postings (including SPAM posts) skyrocketed. I don't know figures here but some other stats might help paint a picture. In the first 6 months, there were 8 individual Posters who gained Classic Post recognition. 28 Classic Posts were decided in those first 24 weeks. Some of these people: Les, Sue1, Gee Cee, Wishus, and Bill also continued posting and picked up further Classic Post gongs in the following 6 months.

However, leaving those names aside, a further 32 individuals posted Classic Posts between Feb and Aug of 2000. The number of Classic Posts given in that period was 93! 28 + 93 = 121.
So, the amount of Classic Posts and individual recipients TREBLED in the second 6 month period. Many of those people are still posting to the Forum today but, sadly, some have vanished which is our great loss. I hope the present day Posters will stay with us for a while longer.

Secondly, while some excellent people joined the Forum family, another major change to the Forum was the blight of spam postings which appeared. These were posted by property and seminar marketing groups. It was interesting to watch the drama unfold. If left unchecked, I'm sure the Forum would have eventually perished as people became fed up and left. However, a rearguard action was mounted by a group which Gee Cee referred to as the "White Knight Brigade". I'm a Western fan so I'll use that analogy instead. The heroes were Sheriff Geoff1 and his erstwhile deputies - Gee Cee, Robert and Les. Leading this heroic band against the Dodgey Brothers was none other than Marshall "Wyatt" Will. The gunfight at the Forum Coral was intense and bitter. Eventually Good prevailed over Evil and the Dodgey Bros fled to the hills. However, a good tearjerker always has a fallen hero and, sad to say, Marshall Will was mortally wounded and buried with honours in Boot Hill cemetary (RIP).

The Forum townsfolk have bonded stronger than ever since those dark, days and the Forum has prospered as a result. (I think I've seen too many B-grade movies!)

Back to reality: I've decided to keep those Spam threads and post them across to the Archive because I agree with a comment The Wife made to the effect that we should learn to recognize dodgey advice whether from a Spammer or a Forum Guru and always get independent "professional" advice to confirm anything we may act upon. Good point TW.

Another issue which Geoff1 and Will tried to raise our consciousness about was that to buy property through these "one-stop shop" marketing groups (like buying "off the shelf" in a supermarket), was taking the "average" and "slow" road to property wealth. Their posts are worth re-reading for that message which is also encapsulated in the adage that "you make your profit when you buy, not when you sell". So true.

Now, to the announcement of the new Forum Hall of Fame member. Congratulations, Andrew G, who is the second member of the FHoF. Unfortunately, Andrew no longer posts to this Forum but his important contribution will be archived permanently for all to benefit in the future. If anybody still corresponds with Andrew, please pass on this important news.

I won't list here all the names of Classic Post winners in this 6 month period but the main ones were, as follows:

13 Andrew G
10 Geoff1
7 Les
6 Gee Cee
5 The Wife (TW)
4 Sue (Sue1)
4 Pierre
4 Will
3 Gary Smith

(NB: once all the posts have been archived I'll provide links to all the Classic Posts from the Apprentice Millionaire Conference)

As a result of the many helpful posts from Andrew G, here are a few comments made by other forum members in appreciation:

Andrew, love your enthusiasm.
Keep posting those alternative ideas - your posts make interesting reading - and, thanks.
I like the way you think and very much enjoy reading your comments on this wonderful forum.
I totally enjoy looking into the forum every day and find you and Les and others extremely inspirational. Please keep it coming.
From a different post, I (for one) will buy your book!!! Your thoughts are refreshing, and thought-provoking - isn't that what it's all about?
G'day Andrew. Thank you very much for your stirring comments.
Hi Andrew. Thanks for your response and the good advice.
Andrew, You've won me - Cashflow101 in real time !!!
This whole topic has been so inspiring and thought-provoking, I really need to know "Where do I start?"
I'm interested in your comments on positively geared properties.
Thanks Andrew, Some valuable advice just when I need it!
G'day Andrew, Thanks for thoughts.
G'day Andrew, Thanks for that info.
Thanks Andrew That sounds like an interesting strategy.
Always interested in your comments - thanks.
Andrew, what a succinct piece of advice.
Andrew G, Thanks for your response.
As a new but very interested visitor of the forum I have found Andrew G's postings very thought provoking and would be keen to know where I could learn more - Andrew G please tell me where can I find you!

For those newbies who might be intrigued to know a little more about our newest Hall of Famer, shortly I'll post a brief biog from snippets of Andrews' posts. Stay tuned.

Once again, on behalf of everybody, congratulations Andrew, and we wish you well in your investing career.

Regards, Mike

PS For those interested in the accumulated Top Ten standings:

19 Les
13 Andrew G
10 Geoff1
9 Gee Cee
9 Sue (Sue1)
6 The Wife (TW)
4 Pierre
4 Will
3 Gary Smith
3 Wishus

3 comments I'd like to add:

1. Les continued to post much high quality and helpful stuff and received many grateful responses. He was short listed many times but passed over to add variety to the Classic Posts. A bit like shooting Michael Johnson (400m runner) in the foot. Despite my "nobbling", Les still couldn't be denied and thoroughly deserves the leader's yellow jersey.

2. Gee Cee and Sue1 didn't have time to login as many times as others but still provided "seasoned" advice which was much appreciated by eveyone. Andrew G also became less involved as he began setting up his own forum and writing a book on Lease Options, otherwise he may have produced many more Classic Posts.

3. Geoff1 came in half-way through Andrew's term and his score of 10 in only 12 weeks means he is a near certainy to be the next inductee into the FHoF. His advice has been well received and once I have read the next 12 weeks of posts we'll see if he makes it.
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From: Les .

G'day Mike,

Good to see you again - and I love your "Wild West" description :^) It certainly was a bit like that at times. But your choice comments certainly brought a smile to my face.

This period was "ramp up" time for the Somersoft Forum, and knowledgeable people must have stopped mustering cattle out West and joined the forum.

And look where it's got too from there??

I think your choice for FHoF (Andrew Gray) is excellent. He breezed into the forum, added a completely different style, asked some very probing questions, and provided many inspirational answers (when he chose to).

Many will recall Andrew saying "You learn more by finding out for yourself - if I provide the answer, you'll say OK, then switch off your brain" (or words to that effect).

There were many others who contributed very stirring stuff, some of whom are still with us and continuing with the good stuff, so they'll come into the FHoF too - but I must agree; THIS was Andrew G's era !!

I'll be happy to pass on the news to him - it's been a while since I called him.....



- "Eschew Obfuscation" - ;^)
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From: Robert Forward

Here, here...

Great post there Mike. It's great to hear your nearly back into full time connection on the internet.

I have to agree with Les about the Wild West, very well worded.

For everyone else, I think it was in those days that we were able to arrest and disperse the onslaught of SPAM that started appearing. It was then that we really became a self managing forum. And by our own perseverance we cleared up the onslaught of SPAM.

A BIG thanks needs to go to those of us that had legal action and solicitors letters taken against us accusing us of defamation and etc during this time. It was great to see those these events were occurring we continued trying to clear the forum of the SPAM.

But we prevailed, though one of our forum members had to lay low for 6 months after that little affair, but he now reappears every now and then with great advise in his posts. I won't mention your name but you know who you are. And I personally thankyou for those bold posts you wrote back then.

This forum is not only a testament to Jan & Ian Somers, the website owners, but to ourselves in keeping such a high standard of knowledge (interspersed with humour). From memory, and I've been active on this forum since December 1999 (3 months after it started), there has only been 1 post that the Webmaster has been asked to remove. The honour of this post goes to one of our "anti" property - "pro" shares forum members Eric Snow.

Anyway, here is to years more life to a SPAM free forum for us to post on.


The Sydney "Freestylers" Group Leader.
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Gee Gee Gee From Gee Cee

undefinedundefinedGee Whizz.

Fancy seeing my name in the hall of fame. I was quite active on the Forum a couple of years back but time has become a big issue.

I experienced the 1978-1980 boom when I knew nothing. Then the 1987-1999 boom when I was a little wiser. Then the recent big one.

Basically been Mr Mum to my twin boys that have just turned 4 . As well as running investment & developments. So it has not left a lot of spare time to be on the Forum.

However I still love getting back here and especially being part of the social activities.

My favourite things at present are being with my boys, making $$ out of property, holidays and weekends away at outings such as the recent one at ani's in Sydney and Putney Park.

Time is a precious item to most of the people listed in the Hall of Fame. As they progress and build their business.

However i believe that the majority still like to give out advise and information that they have learnt from doing. Especially if it helps young people to motivate themselves and move forward.

Happy Investing.

P.S. Yes we are very fortunite to have the technology available today as well as keen providers such as the Somers & Sim to keep this site so active and on cutting edge technology.

When I purchased my first home for $23000 I knew nothing about investing, finance, depreciation allowed, or vertually anything else. As well there was very limited and often conflicting information available regarding propertyy investing. The Real Estate agents all were just sales people that last week were driving cabs, but this week were listed as Sales Consultants. So you certainly had conflicting information from proffessional people that knew nothing. (Somethings never change).

OK I am not giving the big hard done by storey. i just feel that anyone that is really motivated and wants to get their bum off the seat has so much opportunity now days.

I have mentored a number of people over the past 10 years. Some have become very successful. Others just want it all straight away and cannot afdford to devote time to study or missing out on new clothes , overseas holidays on credit or a night of Home & away, Survivor, Sex in The City etc.

Anyone find the same scenerios??

Gee Cee

The 40 year old bum. :)
From: Mike .
Hi Folks,

Last year, May 10 to be precise, I announced Les into the Forum Hall of Fame.

Les and Mike were good posters in their day, i wonder who Mike would nominate into the hall of fame now.
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