Forum Hall of Fame 3rd Ed

From: Mike .

Hi Folks,

Once again it is my great pleasure to induct another Forum contributor to the Forum Hall of Fame. That person joins Les and Andrew G as the third inductee.

In my previous FHoF post I said: "Geoff1 came in half-way through Andrew's term and his score of 10 in only 12 weeks means he is a near certainy to be the next inductee into the FHoF. His advice has been well received and once I have read the next 12 weeks of posts we'll see if he makes it."

Well, no surprises, congratulations Geoff1 on becoming the newest member of the FHoF. As you will see from the Classic Post results Geoff1 did it against some stiff opposition.

I won't list here all the names of Classic Post winners in this 6 month period (26 Apr - 10 Oct, 2000) but the main ones were, as follows:

12 Geoff1
10 Owen
9 DuncanM
8 Les
8 Gee Cee
7 Gary Smith
6 Andrew G
6 The Wife (TW)
6 Pierre
6 Steve McKnight

As a result of the many helpful posts from Geoff1, here are a few comments made by other forum members in appreciation:

Geoff, I like your attitude! I've always thought it was a case of Growth or Yield, but not both.
Geoff, your post is very informative.
Thanks for your comments Geoff.
Hi Geoff!, thanks so much for your advice it was very helpful.
Geoff, great advice.
Thanks for your advice.
Thanks for providing the extra food for thought.
I'm with you on this one. Sounds good to me.
Geoff nice to see you back at Somersoft.
Thanks Geoff.
G'day Geoff1, You rose to the occasion admirably Geoff - and Thank you for the insight.
Geoff, Thanks for the excellent contribution.
Hi Geoff1, If the valuer uses my research as a guide it'll be time to bake more cookies - Yeh!!!
I too went along to your seminar on Wednesday night and was suitably impressed. Now I have the urge to do more.
This is the right place to ask him directly. Geoff1 - forum poster extraordinaire - is your man.
Hey Geoff, Look forward to doing your workshop! Even an old dog like me can learn a new trick or two.
Well said!!
When are you running another seminar? I'd be interested in attending!
Hi Geoff1, Great to hear that you've now got a website, I'm looking forward to what you have to say.

Mike: For those newbies who might be intrigued to know a little more about our newest Hall of Famer, shortly I'll post a brief biog from snippets of Geoff1's posts. Stay tuned.

Unfortunately, Geoff retired from posting to the Forum last year but keeps in touch with many of us via his free newsletter. Once again, on behalf of everybody, congratulations Geoff1, and come back for a visit anytime.

Regards, Mike

PS For those interested in the accumulated Top Ten standings:

22 Les
14 Andrew G
12 Geoff1
11 Gee Cee
10 Owen
9 DuncanM
9 Sue (Sue1)
7 Gary Smith
7 The Wife (TW)
6 Pierre
6 Steve McKnight

5 comments I'd like to add:

1. Like Andrew G, Geoff1's term was a contrast of two halves: 10 Classic Posts in the first half and only 2 in the second half. Like Andrew, I suspect Geoff1 was focusing on getting his website happening and running his seminars which have been popular.

2. Geoff1 gained the admiration of the Forum for his efforts in thwarting the plague of spammers.

3. Some new names have appeared on the Top Ten list and I have a feeling I could be announcing the 4th name into the FHoF in the near future. Any guesses? "Oh, when the saints...O, WHEN the saints...O,WEN the saints come marching in"...hehehe ;^)).

4. Sadly, Sue1 posted her last one on the 9th Oct, 2000. She didn't mention she was retiring from the Forum. She just vanished. Has anybody kept in touch? Sad to see another good poster leave us.

5. Robert Kyosaki's game Cashflow 101 was introduced to the Forum by The Wife in July 2000. Social events were organised around this game in most state capitals and major regional centres. The object of the game is to get out of the rat race. I think those who follow the game's principles (WITHOUT cheating...right TW?) and use the Forum for feedback will sidestep the pitfalls of property investing to a successful investing career.
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From: The Wife

Mike, great job again, and yes, its true, i have cheated in the cashflow game :eek:(

BUt I think I had the most fun playing :eek:)

WHen ya coming home?

Cheers, Nivia
~Before you criticize people, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away. And you have their shoes~
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From: Dirk Diggler

What do I have to do to get a vote?
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Hall of Fame- Gee whizz I won the Gold medal

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From: G D


I have to break my self imposed vow of silence to acknowledge this award...

when I think that I have only ever won the 3rd place in the mixed C grade volleyball...

and a darts trophy for a late night beer inspired effort at the local many years ago

these awards are too far and few between...

I personally think "Will" should have been recognised for his "over the top" attitude and his relentless hunt for the truth...

There is so much B...S... in property these days the poor punter has trouble separating the guru's from the hoodoos.

One very simple test I use is...

are they selling you property?...

(sometimes as a back end)

or are they selling you (tested)information?

Have they done and are they doing what you want to do?

Do they have a long track record...?

The property trail is littered with flyboys who soar with the latest strategies

and when they hit some economic turbulence ...crash and burn...

leaving their passengers and fellow travellers broken and wondering...

what happened?

No matter what any one says....

property investing is not easy

it is not simple

its taken me 30 years to get a real handle on what works and what doesnt...

and that is constantly changing

so what chance does the latest newbie have with out guidance and training...

with all the property sharks circling...ssss

Im here... ssss... to help you...ssss

Well Mike... thank you... however you are just one person and your award is just one persons opinion...

but there is nothing like recognition from someone that you might just have... in some small way... helped someone to change their lives for the better...

There is nothing ...nothing better than to see someone who has faced adversity (or who has had a 'wake up' call) who has paid 'the price' and have turned it around and have they taken control of their life and their financial future.

When you do that... you have choices ...

choices to do what you choose to do...

no longer a brick in the wall...

you become an individual with power over their destiny ...

no more of...yes sir... no sir...

2 bags full... sir

you are your own person and it doesnt get much better than that...

Successfull property investing can do that for you as it has done for me.

Have a great life!

Geoff1 (old forum)

Gee Dee (this forum)

Geoff Doidge
Financial Success Systems
"capital gain is easy and property is fun"
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From: Michael Croft

Or should that be, Welcome back Gee Dee !!!!!

Michael Croft
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From: The Wife

Geoff....that was a "Winston Churchill" type post...good onya mate, Cheers, TW
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