Forum is 1 month old today !


Well, the new forum has certainly been popular since we went live 1 month ago today !

Just thought I'd share some interesting stats with you:

  • 474 members have signed up. There are literally hundreds more people who read the forum regularly but haven't yet registered. Looking at the log files, I estimate that the number of users we have reading the forum is actually over 1000.
  • 528 new threads have been started.
  • 2,818 posts have been made.
  • In the nearly 20 months that the old forum was running (590 days to be precise), we had 25,864 posts in all forums (not counting those which were deleted). That's an average of nearly 44 posts per day !
  • So far with this new forum, we have had 2606 posts in 30 days (ignoring the admin forum posts which don't show up for normal users but still count towards the total post count) - which is an average of nearly 87 posts per day !!!! Quite a big jump.
  • There have been 1,410,381 successful requests to the server for files - this includes all types of files - posts and graphics (icons and smileys) and such.
  • Of those requests, 241,377 were for pages (posts, search page, thread lists etc... anything with a .php extension generally !)
  • We have served over 3,892 hosts - each host is a different address for a computer making a request to the forum. One machine may have several different addresses over time, so this does not equate to unique users.
  • 1,066,917 or 74.61% of the requests have come from .au addresses
  • 224,082 or 18.27% of the requests from .net addresses
  • 53,299 or 4.33% of the requests from .com addresses, and
  • 50,609 or 1.66% of the requests from .uk
  • other top level domains making requests have been (in order of number of requests): .nz (New Zealand), .jp (Japan), .int (International Treaty Organisations), .nl (Netherlands), .arpa (Arpanet), .cn (China), .sg (Singapore), .se (Sweden), .br (Brazil), .th (Thailand), .org (Non Profit Making Organisations), .ca (Canada), .edu (USA Higher Education), .mil (USA Military), .us (United States), .hk (Hong Kong), .ie (Ireland), .fr (France), .gov (USA Government), .lb (Lebanon), .fi (Finland), .dk (Denmark), and .il (Israel) !!
  • 29% of the requests have come from people on Telstra networks (BigPond, tmns,
  • 15% from Optus networks
  • Other networks/ISPs include iPrimus 5.8%, 5.2%, 4.8%, 3.9%, 3.6%, and 3.3% (is that you, Mike ?)
  • 93.4% of all requests were from Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, and of them, 63.7% were IE6, 35.7% IE5, 0.6% IE4, and there were actually 109 requests from IE3 browsers which is really scary ! About 5% of the total requests were from Netscape browsers.
  • 95.4% of all requests were from machines running Microsoft Windows, and of them, 30.7% were running WinXP, 27.8% Win98, 22.3% Win2000, 9.2% WinME, 5.3% WinNT, 3.3% Win95, and there were actually 109 requests from WinCE (handheld) devices. Hmm... I wonder if that is related to the 109 requests from IE3 browsers ? 0.04% of the requests were from people running some type of Unix operating system, and we even had 185 requests from an OS/2 system... yay OS/2 !
  • 82.4% of the requests were for .gif (graphics) files, but these only accounted for 4.6% of the total traffic (or data transferred from the server). 16.1% of the requests were for .php files (the posts, indexes, thread lists etc), and these accounted for 90.8% of the traffic.
  • I have created a chart of new users each day, new threads each day, and new posts each day. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read those files.
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