Forum offline

Hi Sim,

I do appreciate all the work you've done for the forum. It will be of enormous benefit to get thos old posts into this forum.

Just a small favour please.

Things are happening today to tahe the forum offline for a while. Many people will not be aware of this.

Is it possible to have an announcement available from the front page as well? Just a hyperlink at the top of the entry page would be sufficient. Just a general announcement pageof anything which might be about to happen.

And it could also double, when things weren't happening in the forum, to let new people to the forum know about Jan's books or Ian's PIA software. I don't think that those items, which are providing us with such a great forum, are getting the exposure they deserve.
Hi Geoff,

Good thoughts... unfortunately though I do not have any access to the site to do anything such as put an update about the status of the forum. I would have to coordinate with Ian, which is a little tricky given that I don't know when a lot of these outages will begin or end.