Forum outage


Apologies for the outage this morning.

I applied a security update which somehow broke part of the web server and the logs were particularly unhelpful in diagnosing the problem.

I ended up upgrading the server to give me sufficient space to restore a duplicate version of the file system from a backup taken last night.

I've now booted from the restored image to get everything operational again and will spend time diagnosing what changed as part of the update so I can work out how to avoid the problem when I try to apply it next time :rolleyes:


Have to chuckle at all the people coming into the chatroom going:


I'm so useless on this forum I've only just worked out I have a bunch of Kudos dating back a year - so when I saw it was down I just assumed I'd broken it somehow, or my computer/internet. Not normally so tech unsavvy ha ha.
Thanks a lot for the work you do Sim,a lot of people do appreciate the time you put into this site..
I agree and also pass on my thanks.

BTW I came to this thread because I thought someone on the forum was about to be "outed" so I was a bit disappointed to find a complete lack of controversy.