Forum recognition

Hey all
I remember seeing athread about how to differenetiate posters..... A friend showed me a site that I thought was quite clever with various levels that were amusing it is on the forum of
Look up a larger thread and see what they call it all.
(Apart from seeing that there are some unusual people out there.)
And the threads are choc-full of Avatars and banners in the signatures. Those pages must be slow to load for guests who can't turn signatures off.

Sorry Mike I didn't realise it would slow things down. I am a bit of a computer illiterate. Just a suggestion.
Actually it's bit of a misconception about graphics slowing the page down.

Considering that it's the text of the posts that we're actually wanting to see, and that is always loaded first... you can start reading while the images are still loading in the background. And if you've seen enough, you can even move on to another post before they finish downloading.

Ever since Ian emailed me the URL and connection details for our new server for this forum (2 weeks ago yesterday !), I've been living out of hotels and suffering with a maximum dialup connection speed of 28.8k (more often 24k !)... so all my setup, configuration, testing and now support and general usage of the forum are done over these slow links.

I have been simply amazed at how well it has performed in these situations. I really can't wait to get home and try it all out on my ADSL link !!

So the image issue is not so much about it slowing things down as it is about being annoying ! That's why I don't mind the avatars which are over to the left and out of the way. The jury is still out on large banners in signatures which appear under the posts themselves.