FOXTEL for your own home (PPOR)

I read some where in the SS Forum regarding Foxtel in IPs and it can be a attracting feature for some tenants, but I am just questioning Foxtel for your own home, Do you like Sports, Documentries and other Kids & Family programe also incl Movies.

Some people can say that how much more TV do you want to watch other than the 5 or 7 free to air channels but these channels have so many adverts.
And if you have a very busy working/social life then it may not be worth.

Foxtel has just updated their packages and also the price plus free installation since the new Satellite launched couple of months ago.

Do you have Foxtel in your home and you think its worth it, I just got Foxtel
in my appartment few months ago and (I guess) its really worth it, specially the HD channels like Nat Geo & Discovery.

Trust your hopes, not your fears
I have it and love it. With IQ, I record things and watch them when it suits me. I don't want that much, but I really enjoy it when I do watch. :) I mainly watch Lifestyle and the doco channels (BBC Knowledge, History, National Geographic), with a bit of W (women's channel) or Arena thrown in for light entertainment.
I posted a similar question several months ago.

We ended up getting it and love it. IQ is fantastic. I can record all my fave shows and watch them when the tadpoles are in bed. Ahhh bliss. :D
I posted a similar question several months ago.


Oh so that was you GTF who posted before but now the Foxtel is much better than few months ago because they have addes 15 HD channels and plus you can download your fav programe on your PC and guess what these are "legitimate download" :)

Trust your hopes, not your fears
Never really considered getting it (Austar not Foxtel for us, no Foxtel here), the price is too high for the amount of TV we watch. Most people we know at my old town have Austar.

As to when there is nothing on, we record anything on late night SBS we spot in the guide that has nudity and sex in the advisory and watch those ;)

We've gone several years without commercial TV and only just got those extra few stations, so we're still high on the novelty of adverts and stuff.
would love it if it was free. But it isn't worth paying for it. I am a SAHM and the TV is on in this house ALL the time (sad really). But with the digital box, there is always something on that the kids will watch - and lets face it, I never get a chance to watch what I want to anyway.
We have it and I wouldn't do without it ... I love my sport though (especially EPL) so watch a lot of that. We don't have any movie channels.


Certainly worth it if you value quality sport, world news, documentaries. We don't watch all that much tv, but what we do is all Fox.