foxtel /internet in Seaford?


Has anyone had any troubles getting internet and foxtel in Seaford?
I am told the body corporate hasnt got the internet cable enabled where I just bought a property so I cant get cable.

However I am told by Telstra-Foxtel i can get satellite for internet and foxtel.
Optus has told me I cant get foxtel.

Can the body corporate stop this?
How many units are on the block, we had a similar situation and Telstra would only agree to run the line if 3 of the 4 townhouses agreed to use it. They did foot the bill for the installation which was a lot larger if the lines/cables arn't in place but 3 of us were then on there 24 month plan. Don't worry about BC unless the rest of the properties are all rentals and then you may have to get them involved.


My offer for the place was just accepted today and thought internet/foxtel was a given.

There are 5 units on the place.

It can get asdl internet and satellite foxtel.
There might be an issue with the roof the sateliite will be on is slanting towards the 2 storey wall. I asked if this is an issue and they intially thought it will work but can tell until a technician sees it.

Part of my roof overlaps the place next doot so the satellite can miss the wall and point towrds the tree beside the wall.
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I have only one more issue about whether the satellite location om my roof can clear the 2 story building it point to. The wall is about 6-8 ft about my roof and about 3-4m from the apex of my roof.

there is a section of my roof overlapping that wall by 1-5m .