Frankston North

I totally agree. Frankston Nth, Karingal & Carrum Downs are all the same class of people. Frankston Nth is in the best location but houses are more run down or shitter than the other two locations. Give it 10yrs lets see
People who bought in late 08 and early 09 I think are happy with there Frankston North investment.

In time I believe Frankston North will be more desirable than Karringal because Frankston North location is better than Karringal. I think besides the areas very close to the bay Frankston North has a better location than Frankston South. In the long term I see great potential in Frankston North.
central frankston - would be the best. rest would be so so. even some investors here can't sell their place for 249K.
I think besides the areas very close to the bay Frankston North has a better location than Frankston South.
I disagree. Even the inland parts of Franga South are walking distance to the uni, hospitals and Pentland Gardens. Plus the footy oval and the restaurant strip of central Franga.

All parts of Fkn S will always be better than all parts of Fkn N.

But I agree that Fkn N is probably a better location than Mornington East/Osborne and Langwarrin even though incomes, housing stock and possibly schools are poorer.

Fkn N and Karingal though are more evenly matched, with Karingal's only advantage being its shopping centre. Its housing stock is newer than Fkn Nth's but that could mean that regeneration may happen later. And Karingal has its fair share of unkempt gardens.
i bought my ip in frankston just off skye rdd near JPC start of this year pretty darn cheap and just bought finish renovating it and i'll be seeing a massive return on my property, everything in the area is going for 400k now its crazy!!!! wait till the freeway goes thru that will boost prices up more....

theres a townhouse in the street wanting 385k and a house sold for 410+ in the street & on skye rd a house wanting 400+ its a good area great location i'll be sitting on a pretty penny thats for sure...
Hi all, I am looking at purchasing in Frankston North. Eyeing a couple of properties that STCA will be appropriate for subdivision. Reading this thread it seems that the minimum land size for subdivision is 600m2. SOme of the places I am looking at are just over 580m2. I am being careful to look at those where the existing house is well positioned and appear to leave enough room for a second dwelling.

Do you think I should stay away from the ones under 600m2?

Your advice will be appreciated.


Hi Aventure.

I've always thought of Frankston North as a bulldoze and build two type dual occ area FWIW
edit: although not yet.

I bought there in 2005 and looked up the regs then, it appears it is/was possible to dual occ a place under 600m2 but is subject to more strict criteria, set backs etc . Easier to stay over 600m2 if you want to dual occ IMHO
i have two properties in frankston north, both over 600sqm and for good prices.
im after the property in between so i have 3 in a row, but still great investments on their own due to the location in frankston north.
i think its a great place, im only 22 so i dont know of the old stories but i certainly have not heard anything bad for years other than the odd smart@&$3 joke.

cant wait for prices to boom, and feel sorry for the people that payed 300+
i paid nowhere near that only a few months ago
At 22 and having two properties I think you are doing very well.

I do expect eventually Frankston North prices and surrounding areas will go up quite a bit. However one needs a long-term view on this. Frankston still has a very bad reputation and Frankston North (while anyone not from the area wouldn't know the difference between Frankston and Frankston North) has a realy bad reputation with the locals.

Frankston North is in a good location considering the prices and one day I expect it won't be in the 10 cheapest suburbs in Melbourne. However I think we may be in for one heck of a ride in the short term.
Does anyone know anything about the Apartments / development at Long Island golf club cnr Frankston Dandenong Rd and Skye Rd Frankston North ? Can't seem to find anything online but it looks like construction has started
Franga North has dropped 39 places and is now ranked 212th in the Ages liveability ranking.

200. Plenty +28 $$$$
201. Boronia -61 $$
202. Seaford -49 $$
203. Bentleigh East +51 $$$
204. The Basin +14 $$
205. Diamond Creek +18 $$
206. Dandenong -34 $$
207. Watsonia North +3 $$
208. Sunshine -8 $$
209. Vermont South -33 $$$
210. The Patch +25 $$
211. Carrum -58 $$
212. Frankston North -39 $

The cheapest suburb in Melbourne is Frankston North, with a median house price of $288,000 - yet it's a long way from being the least liveable. A bargain.
Franga North has dropped 39 places and is now ranked 212th in the Ages liveability ranking.
Those rankings are nonsense, especially when comparing adjacent suburbs. Eg How can Ormond be way higher than Bentleigh or Edithvale way higher than Chelsea? They're adjacent suburbs with much the same facilities - so they should rate similar.

And it doesn't always work for suburbs further apart either - eg Berwick has more amenity than Truganina, except for the fiction on that table.
So much going on around Ballarto rd/ Frankston Dandynong Rd end of Frankston Nth. Seaford hotel extention, St Kilda Footy oval, Peninsular link etc
I swear this area is a steal at around $250-$280k
I just picked up another ;)