Free 2 br house to be removed - suit house relocation investors.

Dear all,

My co-worker has a house in Heathcote to give away for free. I thought those who are investing in house relocation may be interested, so I've posted the details here.


Free to good home.

Two bedroom house, circa 1930, of fibro/weatherboard construction with lounge, kitchen, dining room and bathroom/toilet.

Approx specifications:
Bedroom 1: 3.5m x 3.5m
Bedroom 2: 2.0m x 7m (converted front verandah)
Lounge: 3.5m x 4m
Kitchen & dining room: 7m x 3.5m
Bathroom & Toilet: 2.5m x 2.5m

Contact Details:

Stephen Boroczky
Tel: (02) 8838 5304
Originally posted by yuch.
Free to good home. Two bedroom house...

So what comes first, the "house" or the "home" ?

Can you have a "home" without a "house" (house being any place of dwelling) ?

Ahh Sim I believe you can have a home without a house(or any place of dwelling). In the immortal words of Billy Joel "whenever we're together thats my home!" :D
hmmm...good question! Good news is this question is actually easier than chicken/egg question.

I'll say "home" comes first. A "home" is the place you go back to after dark everyday. you have to sleep somewhere, so that somewhere is your home, whether it's a bench in a park or a "house". Make sense ppls? :D